Unsung king of the comic commercial. Funny, odd, surreal. Newsweek
The ad game's Buster Keaton. Fortune
The director who started an ad revolution. Stuart Elliott, New York Times
Some of the funniest little movies ever made. Esquire

As one of his generation's quintessential Mad Men, television commercial director Joe Sedelmaier's work was iconic, dynamic and instantly recognizable. Some twenty to thirty years later, people are still wondering "Where's the Beef?". He turned the ad world on its brain-damaged head by casting offbeat non-actors in still-unforgettable spots. His brilliant, frequently hysterical commercials for Wendy's, Alaska Airlines, FedEx and others were snappy slices of cultural quirk that tapped in to the Cold War-fearing, corporate workaholic zeitgeist of the 70's and 80's with a humor that cracked billions of smiles, sold billions of burgers, and sped up the default rhythm of time-based media. Cinefamily